Covid relief in Kalimpong

We sent a grant to Kiran Chettri of the Hope Family Trust in Kalimpong to purchase and deliver essential supplies to the poorest members of the community. This is what Kiran has reported:


“Respected Jim Coleman and all the team from Help. Greetings to you,

It is my please to give report about the fund which you sent to support for the covid-19 relief. Rs, 86663.00 we as team of Hope Family Trust would like to extend thankfulness to you all for your generous support.…

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No space to play!

Dear friends,

I am trying to raise money for a small village school in Sikkim to buy and level some land in order to make a playground for the children. This has become a government requirement, and the school must comply if it is to retain its registered status. The total cost will be around £6400, and so I will need to try various ways of getting there.

It’s an expensive project because, like almost every building in Sikkim, the school has been built on a steep slope.…

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An abused mother and her child

On my recent inspection visit to Nepal, I visited the local NGO in Damak that is helping abused women and their children to make their way in the world. We have been providing them with funds to pay the rent of their safe house and to purchase sewing machines and training. HELP sponsors, in particular, have been supporting some of the women and their children to enable them to complete their schooling and gain professional skills. These visits are an eye opener for us on a very cruel world, and  brings us closer to the heart of darkness than anything else we do.…

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Women’s Empowerment

We have just sent £1306 to the Women’s Empowerment Centre in Damak located in the eastern Terai region of Nepal. The Terai is the flat southern strip of Nepal along the border with India. Most tourists go for the mountains so Damak does not benefit from the revenue generated by tourist-related activities. The Women’s Empowerment Centre provides refuge and support to abused women and their children, and those with mental health problems. The money HELP has sent comes from our sponsors and other benefactors, and will be used for the benefit of six children, and to pay for the rent of a safe house.…

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Volunteers do more than teach!

HELP volunteer, Liam Campbell from Yukon, Canada, has returned to his school just outside Kalimpong for the second time having raised CAD $20,000 to build new classrooms. The school is overcrowded at present, and different grades have to share the same rooms. HELP has contributed £1000 to Liam’s fund-raising efforts. Here are pictures of Liam and Dinesh Rai, the principal of the school, standing on the land where the rooms will be constructed.…

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HELP projects in 2016


We have agreed to help the following projects this year:

  • Provide the funds required by the Women’s Empowerment Centre in Damak (Eastern Nepal) to set up a Safe House for women suffering from domestic abuse.
  • Part fund the salary of a teacher at the SASA Academy in Uttarakhand (India)

We will be considering other requests as they come in.…

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What is happening to the money you sent us for earthquake relief in Nepal

Dear friends,

This edited report (below) from Himalayan Projects, the Belgian NGO we partner in Western Nepal, provides an update on the Nepal earthquake relief work that your donations are helping to make possible. I am sending it to everyone in our mailing lists, since a good number of you helped us raise the £5593 in response to the disaster. Although the earthquake is no longer in the news, the work of rebuilding homes and schools will continue for years. We have already sent over £2000 to Himalayan Projects.…

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Earthquake relief

I am pleased to report that we have received £5593 in response to my appeal for donations after the Nepal earthquake. This exceeds the expectations I had, and stands as testimony to your compassion for and generosity towards the many victims who have lost their schools and homes in what was a major disaster. In addition to individual donations, a school in Spain and a church congregation in Scotland held collections and fund-raising events which raised sums of over £1000 respectively.…

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Earthquake in Nepal

Many villagers have lost their homes in the recent earthquake in Nepal and are living in tents. We can help provide shelter and utensils so that they can stay in their villages and start the re-construction process and re-build their lives.

We need money to do this, so we would welcome donations from anyone reading this. Just go to the donations page of the HELP website if you would like to make a contribution.…

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Empowering women in Nepal

HELP is donating £2500 to the Women’s Empowerment Centre in Damak, Nepal. The money will be spent on sewing machines and training to enable the women to support themselves by making clothes and toys. 

The underlying objectives of this local NGO  are as follows:

  • To provide skills development training to help women live an independent life.
  • To provide legal advocacy to under-privileged women to combat social, economic and cultural discrimination.
  • To support orphaned, disabled and displaced women and enable them to live a respectable life.

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By becoming a HELP volunteer in India or Nepal you will be able to make a direct, personal contribution to the education of young Himalayan people. In so doing, you will be having an unforgettable experience in a new and fascinating world.
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