Empowering women in Nepal

HELP is donating £2500 to the Women’s Empowerment Centre in Damak, Nepal. The money will be spent on sewing machines and training to enable the women to support themselves by making clothes and toys. 

The underlying objectives of this local NGO  are as follows:

  • To provide skills development training to help women live an independent life.
  • To provide legal advocacy to under-privileged women to combat social, economic and cultural discrimination.
  • To support orphaned, disabled and displaced women and enable them to live a respectable life.
  • To provide school education for orphans, and disabled and displaced girls.
  • To promote women’s rights and to raise the public voice against all forms of violence through public polls and adult female education.
  • Provide skill-based training to helpless women and victims of conflict as well as encourage their participation in peace building activities.
  • To rehabilitate women made homeless by conflict or domestic violence.
  • To create awareness about environment pollution and encourage women to care for their environment.
  • To facilitate equal access to participation and decision making of women in the social, political and economic life of the nation.



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By becoming a HELP volunteer in India or Nepal you will be able to make a direct, personal contribution to the education of young Himalayan people. In so doing, you will be having an unforgettable experience in a new and fascinating world.
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