HELP was founded in 2002 by Jim Coleman who has had close connections with the Himalayas for more than 40 years. We are all volunteers, so the money we receive goes towards our charitable activities, not salaries. Here is the HELP team:

Barbara Porter

Barbara Porter
Barbara Porter (middle)

Director (Volunteer Programme)

Barbara Porter has had a long career in education, beginning with 16 years as a schoolteacher in Newcastle upon Tyne and Northumberland (England). She then lived and worked as an EFL teacher in Greece. Following that, Barbara settled in Scotland and was the Iona Community programme worker on the Hebridean island of Iona, and then for one year co-managed a residential peace centre near Dunblane. Since 1998 she has worked for the University of Edinburgh, initially as an EFL teacher and for the last 15 years as an administrator supporting the university’s programmes for international students.

Barbara first worked for HELP as a volunteer teacher in Sikkim in 2005 and has since run teacher-training seminars in Nepal, and in Sikkim, West Bengal and Ladakh in India. Barbara joined the Board of HELP in 2006 and took over the administration of the Volunteer Programme in October 2014.

Jim Coleman

Jim Coleman
Jim Coleman festooned with ceremonial scarves

Founder and Director (Projects)

As a young man, Jim spent two years as a UNA volunteer in Kathmandu, based in the UNDP office, and has made many visits to the Himalayas since then.

Since his subsequent career was in education, both as a teacher, and as an education manager with the British Council, he decided, as he approached retirement, that the way in which he could best make a contribution to the people of the Himalayas, who mean so much to him, was by establishing an organisation that would channel resources, both human and financial, directly to schools and orphanages.

Jim has now handed over some of his responsibilities to Ben and Barbara, but remains as a Director, retaining responsibility for HELP projects, the accounts, and acting as a co-ordinator and adviser.

Master of the Moon

Book cover

Jim has written a novel called ‘Master of the Moon’ drawing on his experiences as a UN volunteer in Kathmandu during its hippy heyday at the end of the 60s. Mixing autobiography, travelogue, philosophy, and fiction, Master of the Moon has something for everyone, particularly for those of you thinking of visiting the Himalayas as tourists or volunteers, who want to know more about the cultures and religions of the region.

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I want to let you know that I have looked at a lot of volunteer organizations since I did your program and you have (as far as I can tell) one of the best. I really like how much you personally care about each volunteer and each school.
Anne GillilandDenjong Pema Choling Academy