Earthquake relief

I am pleased to report that we have received £5593 in response to my appeal for donations after the Nepal earthquake. This exceeds the expectations I had, and stands as testimony to your compassion for and generosity towards the many victims who have lost their schools and homes in what was a major disaster. In addition to individual donations, a school in Spain and a church congregation in Scotland held collections and fund-raising events which raised sums of over £1000 respectively. I have already sent over £2000 to our local partners, Himalayan Projects, and am now in consultation with them over their plans for using the remaining sum.

HELP is not a disaster relief agency, and while it is right that we have involved ourselves in what has been a major humanitarian disaster, I am now drawing a line under this earthquake appeal. HELP will now return to its pre-earthquake work of supporting individual schools with volunteers and money, and helping sponsors connect with children needing sponsorship to complete their education. Because the money we have been receiving has been specifically earmarked for earthquake relief, we are short of funds for our ongoing work, and future donations will go into our general fund. We still need your support for this work, and hope you will continue to keep us supplied with your good will and donations! Many thanks for responding with such generosity.

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HELP is rare for an organisation offering volunteer teaching in that it puts the needs of the local people before the desires of the western person wanting ‘the experience’.
Alastair SkeffingtonSaraswatimata Yumahangma English School