Uplifting advice courtesy of the Indian Border Road Organisation

Here are just a few of the delicious slogans painted onto the rocks on the side of the roads in the Indian Himalayas. They come courtesy of the Border Road Oragnisation (BRO), who presumably have a team of script-writers working hard to secure the safety and moral upliftment of drivers. (I have resisted the temptation to correct the English):

-Peep! Peep! Don’t sleep.

-If you are married to speed, divorce it!

-Drive like hell, and you’ll be there!

-Fast drive. Last drive.

-We are like you but not your speed (sic)

-Be soft on my curves.

-Safety bring cheers. Speed bring tears.

-Speed thrills but kills.

-This is a highway not a runway.

-Either drink or drive.

-If you are sleeping your family is weeping.

-The journey of life is long and the path unknown.

-No race. No rally. Enjoy the valley.

-Better to late than early to heaven (sic)

-Hug your children at home, but belt them in the car.


-The hills are barren, lovely and steep and I have ,miles to go before I sleep.

-Tell them when you go home
That we greened the hills today
For your tomorrow

And the best of all:
-Be mister late, not late mister.

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