Master of the Moon

I have just published a Kindle version of a novel I have written called Master of the Moon.

What is the truth about love? What, indeed, is the truth about anything? A Brahmin astrologer points Frank in the direction of answers to these questions, but he discovers that there’s more to love and truth than meets the eye.

Drawing on the author’s experiences as a UN volunteer in Kathmandu during its hippy heyday in the late ’60s, Master of the Moon interweaves two narratives: a search for love against the backdrop of an exotic and unspoilt Kathmandu valley, and a search for truth on a pilgrimage to a holy lake in the mountains.

His passionate and fraught affair with the beautiful Sunita is opposed by interfering family and colleagues, while his friendship with Kalpana gives Sunita cause for concern. To complicate matters, Frank is friends with Kalpana’s charismatic husband, Tashi, who loves women indiscriminately and voraciously.

Brushing aside Sunita’s pleas for him not to go, Frank sets off with his friend Hamish on a trek into the mountains to find the astrologer’s lake. Informed by their encounters with Hindu and Buddhist practices and beliefs, they chew over issues of belief, religion, science and philosophy. Hamish contends that truth can only be dug out of reality. But what is real about reality? Frank believes that intuitions can feel the way to truth. But which intuitions? And whose? With his philosophical and physical journeys converging on the lake, an alarming experience diverts his thoughts urgently back to Sunita.

He hurries back to Kathmandu only to find that events have moved on in his absence with consequences that still reverberate 40 years on.

The novel explores Nepalese culture and beliefs in some depth, so anyone with an interest in the Himalayas will find it informative.

Just go to (UK Marketplace) or (US Marketplace)

It only costs £1.99 or $2.99, so it’s a steal, or a snip even! 10% of the profit will go towards HELP’s charitable activities.(By the way, if you don’t have a Kindle, you can download it to an i-Pad using a free app)

Happy reading! And it would be helpful if you could write a (kindly) review of the novel on the Kindle website to attract a wider audience.

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