Volunteer testimonial

I think you’re running an excellent program! I really admire the integrity and simplicity of the organization. I appreciate the interview and your dedication to really educating volunteers about the situation and what to expect. The family I stayed with was absolutely wonderful, and they are related to another school and family working with HELP and I had the opportunity to visit that facility as well. After searching for months online for a volunteering situation, I can say that this is truly a brilliant organization. Everything else I found was charging exorbitant prices to volunteer! And there was no disclosure about to whom and how that money was spent. Nothing came close to what I found with HELP, and I truly respect what this organization stands for, who they are supporting and how they are running the show!

(Heidi Erhardt, Vidya Sagar Gyanpeeth school, Sikkim, India: 2009)

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I think HELP is the volunteer organization that I looked for for a long time. It is the most easily accessible and responsive organization I found on the web. I really like the self donation to the school and how independent it requires its volunteers to be, unlike many other organizations.
Michael WintersteinSt. Paul Primary School