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HELP is a great organization which connects volunteers with a school that needs extra teachers. There is no shortage of work which makes you feel needed as a volunteer.

My experience was great, I do not regret doing it whatsoever. I highly recommend trying it for those considering it. If you are thinking of getting into teaching, this is a great way to find out whether teaching is for you. It was insightful to live and witness local life. It certainly broadens your perspective on living conditions in other parts of the world. I am grateful to have met and lived with Daniel’s family, they really are good people doing something good for the world

(Jeremy Leafloor, Sikkim: 2019)


  1. This is wonderful to hear! I stayed with Daniel and his family 16 years ago. I would love to hear how they are doing. In particular, his kids and wife. I had a very special time with them.

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I think it’s a great organization. I’m really impressed with how small and focused on each project HELP is.
Jill PeckVidya Sagar Gyanpeeth School