Volunteer testimonial

EXPERIENCE SUMMARY: Wonderful, fantastic, great! We absolutely loved it, highlight of our year, we will never forget it and are so so happy to went. We met the most lovely people and just overall had an incredible time…

Please send more volunteers! The children, school and locals were so lovely and grateful to have us. We felt very appreciated, and I know they would love more volunteer teachers.

WHAT DO YOU THINK OF HELP?: Overall, very good. We loved our placement and felt that we had enough information before we went, although as I have said, we also found out a lot in our first few days in the village. Thank you!

(Adam and Heather Stanger, Nepal: 2016)

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Volunteering with HELP offers all the good things of working with a small, personal organisation: in-depth local knowledge from the HELP organisers, and the feeling that one is doing something for the first time.
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