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I think it’s a great organization. I’m really impressed with how small and focused on each project HELP is…I chose to work with HELP because it was different from so many other “charities” I found that were only concerned with collecting bored college students’ money and shipping them out en masse to “volunteer” for a bit.
I really feel that this charity is committed to making a difference, not just nominally, but a personal, tangible and lasting difference in the lives of those they help. I’m proud to have had a part in it.(Jill Peck, Vidya Sagar Gyanpeeth School: 2013)

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I think HELP is the volunteer organization that I looked for for a long time. It is the most easily accessible and responsive organization I found on the web. I really like the self donation to the school and how independent it requires its volunteers to be, unlike many other organizations.
Michael WintersteinSt. Paul Primary School