Teacher training

A new venture scheduled for next February is the provision of a teacher trainer to run two week-long seminars in Kalimpong and Gangtok respectively. The aim is to develop the teaching skills of local teachers who have not had any formal training in teaching methodologies. In this way, we hope to avoid over-dependence on our volunteer teachers, who can do no more than provide temporary support to the local staff.

Barbara Porter is a free-lance teacher trainer who volunteered with us as an English teacher in Sikkim two years ago, so she is ideally suited to run these seminars for us. If these seminars are successful, then we will extend the programme to other regions in future years.


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Volunteering with HELP offers all the good things of working with a small, personal organisation: in-depth local knowledge from the HELP organisers, and the feeling that one is doing something for the first time.
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