St. Paul’s primary school building project

I have just sent the final instalment of £1,300 to complete the new school building. This money will be spent on wiring, painting, plumbing, including the installation of a toilet and bathroom for the boarders. This was our very first project. We began it from scratch in 2003 and , with the invaluable support of our first volunteer, Simon Forwood, we have, between us, raised £19,000 over the five years. Without Simon’s help, it would have taken us double the time to reach our target; but thanks are owed to all of you who, knowingly or unknowingly, contributed to this project. The school now has a brand-new two storey building, which replaces the old rented building down the hill which was literally falling apart.

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Volunteering with HELP offers all the good things of working with a small, personal organisation: in-depth local knowledge from the HELP organisers, and the feeling that one is doing something for the first time.
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