Floods in Leh

I’m pleased to report that our volunteers in Ladakh are safe and sound. One is ensconced in a monastery in the village if Phyang, and the other, based in the capital, Leh, has sent the following news:

“Everything is okay here. Today was the first day I managed to check my emails.
Part of the town has been destroyed by the mud slides and I have been helping there and at the one hospital which is still open as the school has been closed for the last few days.
Everyone got evacuated on Friday night so we had to spend the night outside on the top of the mountain which was an experience. The entrance to my guest house got flooded so I have been staying with friends up nearer the top of the mountains for a few days but the river looked like it had gone down a bit today so hopefully I will be able to move back soon.
Mr Tondup is fine as well. He has been looking after the pupils at the school. I think one of the teachers is missing and a pupil so hopefully they will be alright. We will have to wait for news.
I will keep you updated on any developments but for now everything is okay. I think that food supplies are running out so I am having to live on eggs and bread at the moment and I have stocked up on water just incase.”

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