Floods in Ladakh

One of our volunteers in Ladakh has sent us the following update:

“Just to let you know that it has been confirmed that one of the junior school teachers at the school has died. School has been cancelled this week as a lot of people have been affected by the floods or have family that have died or lost their homes.
I am spending my time volunteering in the local vaillages doing relief work. We have been digging mud out of the houses and also entertaining the children in the villages who have now found themselves homeless. It is all very sad. There is a march tonight in honour of the people who have died which I will go on and I have also donated some clothes and supplies to the villages so I am trying to do my part.
I am hoping that the roads will open again soon. I think people are starting to worry about food and water supplies but hopefully it will all be okay. I went back to my guest house last night and although it rained during the night the water levels in the river didn’t rise which was a good sign.

Hopefully everything will be fine by September. It would be great to meet you when you come over. Keep me posted on your plans.

I will email again once I have some more news and will let you know how everything is going.”

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