The problem with orphanages in Nepal

Identifying well-run orphanages to assist in Nepal is very problematic. People with no experience or training can set orphanages up with little supervision from the authorities.

HELP was briefly involved with Mukti Nepal in 2006. It appeared to be a well run orphanage and the children seemed to be well cared for. As a result, we sent a volunteer and some money. However, we withdrew when we saw some negative press reports about the falsification of children’s names.

The situation has obviously deteriorated badly since then.…

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Why you should not adopt Nepalese children

Anyone thinking of adopting a Nepalese child should think twice. There are plenty of unscrupulous agents trafficking children for profit, and it is difficult to tell the crooks from the reputable operators. Have a look at this recent AFP report:

“The United States has warned its citizens against adopting children in Nepal, saying it has “grave concerns” about the reliability of that country’s adoption system.

The government urged prospective adoptive parents to choose another country, citing the case of a young Nepalese girl placed in the custody of an American couple without the consent of her biological mother and father.…

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HELP is rare for an organisation offering volunteer teaching in that it puts the needs of the local people before the desires of the western person wanting ‘the experience’.
Alastair SkeffingtonSaraswatimata Yumahangma English School