“My experience was amazing. From start to finish, I felt so warmly welcomed into the culture as a visitor from when I landed to being in a couple hotels and traveling with drivers. Everyone was wonderful and curious and kind. The school was overwhelmingly heartfelt and captivating. The students there have my heart. I would do this again, but my time there was not long enough. I would not recommend less than 8 weeks (as indicated on the website), but it was all I could do. It took me weeks to adjust and feel like I finally had a grip on all of it, and then I was planning to leave. Maybe a 2nd trip for that length of time would be ok since I already know what to expect. I recommend it for anyone who has the passion to do this!

Anything Else?
Just.. thank you, HELP, for providing the opportunity and the guidance. I am so thrilled that I had this experience.

HELP Assessment
How helpful were your briefing materials?
Very helpful! Very informative.

How helpful was the TEFL starter pack?
Pretty good, especially if the volunteer is a new teacher, I think.

What do you think of HELP?
I chose HELP after searching for a very long time for the right opportunity for myself. Nothing ever seemed to feel just right, until I came to HELP’s page and read about the opportunity to volunteer. I immediately felt how genuine and true this organization is to the value and well-being of the schools and communities that are supported. I felt like I was joining a very ethical and true organization that was founded on true passion for people and education. I have felt supported and encouraged from the start, and I’m just grateful for the opportunity through HELP.”

Kathleen Kressly: West Bengal, 2019

I think HELP is the volunteer organization that I looked for for a long time. It is the most easily accessible and responsive organization I found on the web. I really like the self donation to the school and how independent it requires its volunteers to be, unlike many other organizations.
Michael WintersteinSt. Paul Primary School