By sponsoring a deprived young person through school and college you will be giving them an opportunity to achieve a better future for themselves and the families that will depend on them.

Your commitment as a sponsor


While attending school or college, the young person you are sponsoring will be depending on you to see him or her through to the end of their education. It is therefore important that, in deciding to become a sponsor, you are reasonably sure that you will be able to commit yourself to the required number of years needed by your sponsored child to complete their education.

Although HELP will make every effort to find a substitute sponsor in the event of your having to withdraw from your commitment prematurely, it is obviously not in the best interests of the young person to have to worry whether or not he or she will be able to continue with their studies.

How students are chosen

Since it is obviously impossible to give financial assistance to every young person born into poverty, we select those who not only have the greatest need (e.g. would be unable to continue education without sponsorship), but also have an obvious talent or ambition that would be wasted without the support of HELP.

Although post-secondary education is much more expensive than school education, the sponsorship periods at this level will generally be shorter than for school-age children, so the overall long-term cost to a sponsor should still be affordable.

The task of identifying suitable recipients of assistance is carried out by trusted people, known to the founder over three decades.

The current situation

25 sponsors are currently supporting 32 children.

What you can expect to get in return for your sponsorship

Apart from the satisfaction you will experience from enhancing a needy person’s life, you can expect to receive:

  • a photograph and background information about your sponsored young person.
  • at least one letter or update a year from the young person or their HELP Representative.

How to sponsor a young person

You will need to commit yourself to the annual sum (which can be paid on a monthly basis) and sponsorship period, both of which vary according to the child chosen. HELP‘s administration expenses, including international money transfer charges, are not met from your sponsorship money. In other words, HELP subsidises your sponsorship from its general funds. (However, where we are supporting children cared for by a local charity, that charity will retain a small percentage from your sponsorship payment to cover their administration expenses)

We do not have any children currently awaiting sponsorship. If you would like to express an interest in sponsoring one of our children in the near future, please contact us.

If you feel you cannot commit yourself to becoming a sponsor at this stage, you may prefer to consider making a donation.

Volunteering with HELP offers all the good things of working with a small, personal organisation: in-depth local knowledge from the HELP organisers, and the feeling that one is doing something for the first time.
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