Floods in Uttarkhand

Shailender David, director of the Serve and Share Association in Dehra Dun, has sent us this report on the floods in the Indian state of Uttarkhand:

“The Cloud Bursts on the mountains and on rivers , streams of Rudraprayag, Chamoli,Pauri and Tehri district of Uttarakhand brought disaster when they caused havoc mainly in the Kedarnath, Gauri Kund, Agasthmuni, Vijaynagar, Rambada, Bhili, Tilwara, Sonprayag, Gobindghat and Hemkund. The disaster is the Biggest Uttarakhand ever experienced up till now. The roaring rivers washed everything whatever came on its way, may it be big buildings, Vehicles, trees, Telephone towers, Electric poles etc. Everywhere the people were seen floating and getting washed away. Some of whom ran to higher places could not bear the temperature and hunger and died in the jungle. Several villages have been washed away and mud slush and debris as high upto 10-15ft has come with bodies being difficult to locate. To make the matters worse all roads leading to the people stuck in the higher areas have been washed away.
Since it is the pilgrimage season for Hindus and Sikhs in the mountains, nearly 80,000 pilgrims got affected due to this. Nearly 1000 deaths have been seen while 5000 still remain missing.
61 Indian Air Force helicopters and planes has been making continuous sorties (despite of two crashing due to high and difficult terrain) to carry the people stuck amidst bad weather in high places. People who came back are surprised to be alive. Nearly 12000 people are still stuck. People are crying after meeting their near ones alive or they are crying for not able to find their near ones uptill now. Every helicopter which brings people from the disaster area brings hope to relatives and near ones waiting for them on Air Field Bases.
Though the pilgrims are finding their way home, but the real worry is for people who are from the effected villages who have lost everything. How will they go further, what will they do? What will their children eat, is the big question sending shivers in their bodies. The government is unable to find a solution as still rescue work is on and the disaster is massive.
SASA Volunteers surveyed 1056 Families in 6 villages of the most effected villages and have brought a survey of 176 families who urgently need help. Rescue work is being done by the Army and the government,but seeing past experiences we feel that they never showed positive response to rehabilitate these people in the right time .With winters starting soon after rains in mountains the children are likely to be effected the most as from last 10 days they are in camps which provide them basic needs only.
SASA is standing with such families and wants to help them to rehabilitate themselves with the rains on and quite cold in the mountains. After discussion with these families who are temporarily in village school building and remaining ones after the flooding, we came to a conclusion that these people need the followings in coming days to start life from a Scratch.
The urgent needs are:-
1. Beddings @ Rs. 1500/- Each
2. Utensils @Rs. 1000/- Each
3. Tinsheets (for temporary shed) @ 5500/-
4. Medical help
While medical help is being planned with one of our partner agency,We plan to help the most needy 100 families with the above material to start their living. The total cost of helping each family would be Rs. 8000/- ($ 145). One can choose to help one or more families and wipe the tears from their eyes and share a ray of HOPE in the lives who have been under trauma and difficulty.
Lets imagine ourselves in such situation and we will feel the pain of these people and willingly would come forward to help.
For any queries and for details email to:- shailsasa72@rediffmail.com or shailsasa@yahoomail.com
S. David(Director)
Serve And Share Association(SASA)”

HELP is sending SASA £1000 to purchase tarpualins. If you would like to make a contribution, you can do so via the ‘donations’ page of this website. Use the reference: ‘Floods’

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I want to let you know that I have looked at a lot of volunteer organizations since I did your program and you have (as far as I can tell) one of the best. I really like how much you personally care about each volunteer and each school.
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