Flood relief

 Cloud bursts during the nights  of  3rd and 4th August  brought disaster to the Uttarkashi area of North India. Villages were washed away in the resulting flood waters from tributaries feeding the Ganges. 36 people died, and nearly 1800 people saw their cultivated land washed away and more than 1000 people suffered severe damage to their houses.

In spite of the damage done to  bridges and roads,  our local partner, the Serve and Share Association (SASA)managed to reach the area and  act quickly to set in train the following emergency support:

1.  doctors camps. Approximately 400 people specially women with children were treated in these  camps.

2.  material to cover leaking houses  and belongings

3.  food, particularly for children.


200 tarpaulins , 400 packets of milk and nearly 400 kgs of porridge were distributed to nearly  200 families.

HELP sent £1000 to SASA to help them fund this operation.

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I think it’s a great organization. I’m really impressed with how small and focused on each project HELP is.
Jill PeckVidya Sagar Gyanpeeth School